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Welcome to Official Poker Rankings. Our focus here is to provide our visitors with information on some of the reputed online casinos out there by ranking them in accordance to their accessability, software they use, sign up deposit, first deposit and several other considerations. Your feedback and comments will be heartily appreciated. Thanks!


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Several efforts have been made to make poker games to reach to every common man. Previously, people used to visit some land based casinos in order to play casino games. Then after some time online gambling industry was born and with the passage of time, hundreds and thousands of best poker sites came into existence..........


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Of all the top online casinos that you can find today on the World Wide Web, Bet365 casino is known to be the finest. Bet365 casino belongs to the Bet365 group that is known to be a world....
Betfred Casino
If you want to play some of the best casino games at such a gambling site where you can get more than you can bargain for then you must visit Betfred casino.

Texas Holdem Poker Rules


Until and unless you don’t have enough knowledge about the Holdem poker games, you won’t be able to play these games efficiently. Before you begin to play Holdem games, it is very important for you to be aware of the way to play Holdem games for which you need to be well versed with the Holdem poker rules. No matter you play poker games at some live events or at some online gambling sites, the same set of rules will be followed. Following are the Holdem poker rules that you need to follow while playing Holdem games:
Holdem game begins with a dealer distributing two hole cards to each and every player on the table. Along with it, he also places five cards (community cards) facing downwards on the table.

Once the cards are distributed then the first player on the left of the dealer puts in the small bet and after him the second player sitting on the immediate left of him puts in the big blind.

Now, first three out of the five community cards are dealt faced up. This round is known as ‘flop’. Now a betting round takes place in which the players need to bet according to the strength of their hands and the strongest hand at the table wins the pot.
Similarly, the fourth card is dealt faced up (round known as ‘turn’) and the fifth card is dealt faced up (round known as ‘river’). Each of these rounds are succeeded with their individual betting rounds.

This is the way Holdem poker games are played. Whether you play poker games at some live places or at poker rooms online, the rules of playing the games will be the same. If you want to know more about these poker games then you should log on to some of the best poker sites and can gain enough knowledge about these poker games.

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